My name is Lasse Olsson and my passion is birding and
bird photography as you'll probably notice at this site.

At the moment there are 431 different species of birds and
84 species of butterflies - all pictured within the boundaries of Sweden,
besides the ones taken at different trips around the world.

If you like to use any of the pictures for private purpose you're welcome.
If you're going to publish the picture, send me a mail -
click the "Kontakt" link at top right.
Pictures in high resolution can be purchased for a small sum.
To find your target species - use the scroll-bar to the right,
the search engine (just print the name of the bird you're searching)
or the pop-up menu on top for latest news
(Senaste nytt).



birding photo är is the name of my private company providing pictures and prints for
every purpose. I will happily deliver everything from private photo prints to
professional requests.

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